Proletkult Graphik pinupProletKult Graphik is a one-man operation offering graphics for web and print that are directly inspired by the art and design of decades past, primarily the 1930s to the 1950s. You may also detect hints of a DIY punk aesthetic melding with gobbets of bastardised constructivist smut topped off with a creamy space-age sauce. Homage, pastiche or dirty, rotten plagiarism? You decide.

From club flyers to business cards, letterhead logos to website headers, I can satisfy your need for ‘retro’ designs- no job is too small.

Artwork furthering the cause of the working class will, at my discretion, be substantially discounted. Everyone else pays in full, whether with cold hard cash, first-born offspring, explicit self-portraiture, fine single malts or any other goods and services I deem desirable.